Resources for Small Business using Social Media & Digital Marketing

No business can get far these days without leveraging the power of social media. This can be particularly challenging for small businesses that don’t have large budgets to be able to necessarily do everything they want to on social media right away. 

 I have created a handy guide to help simplify this and help you master social media by concentrating your efforts on the right platform and managing the effectiveness of your campaigns, all in the most cost effective way possible.

Please open the attached pdf:  Resources for Small Business using Social Media,

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Lets start with the Now

Now, I find myself medically unfit to work, depressed, broke, fat and p*ssed off.

Apart from the first complaint I know in my heart of hearts I am the only person who can fix up the majority of my problems. How is it though, that while it seems like I spend 100% of my time trying to work on these areas, I seem to end up 100% worse off? Surely my maths cant be that bad (dont I have enough problems!?!). As someone really clever called Einstein once pointed out, the first sign of madness is when you keep doing the same thing over and over but expect different results…. Eh hello Madhouse, room for one more?

Fear not, dear readers, this blog will not be one of self pity, woe is me, get your kleenex (or shotgun) ready.. Im going to jump back on my positive high horse and take on the world from a different angle.

You might be as surprised as I am how many other doors that open when one is banged forcefully in ones face 🙂


Lets start with the Now

From the Beginning: Back to front and back again

skeleton bow

It seems like everything in my life right now revolves around my back… I try each day to bring the focus round to the front of house but always get brought back to the back again…

My back, my back, my lovely wonky back

The reason – who knows? I have a bad back. End of. Nobody can tell me exactly why, what will fix it, what to do to avoid pain, when it will go away. So I’ve decided to just ignore it and move on. Except with each step forward it seems I go two steps back. But Im like a bull in a china shop so onwards I go again. Lets see if blogging helps!

Im going to keep my identity hidden for many reasons, not because Im shy or embarrassed to be seen, I just want to the freedom anonymity brings, to see what its like to become known for something else other than that moany person who’s been banging on about a bad back for years yet still has nothing concrete to say or do about it. Im hoping a bit of mental release may eventually bring with it physical release (thats what all my head quacks have been telling me anyway!) but you know, I do think there could be something in that sentiment.

What if all the frustrations we hold about our work pressures, anxiety over image, worries over social acceptances do manifest themselves in our bodies pathways and present as knarled up ugly old concrete-like muscle, nerve endings and fascia clinging on to fears that were never that scary in the first place?

Shall we find out? I plan to turn my metaphorical back on my physical bawonky-fences_6ck and concentrate on front, afterall thats where all the good bits of me are 🙂

In this blog, I am going to share more details about my life, current situation, survival methods, co-dependencies and sing the praises out of the many wonderful people in my life who all add so much to my life by just simply being themselves. I wont tell you who I am, if you think you know to the right thing and private message me!

Is it possible to side-step the crazy thoughts and fears to let the real craziness of life begin again?

From the Beginning: Back to front and back again