Lets start with the Now

Now, I find myself medically unfit to work, depressed, broke, fat and p*ssed off.

Apart from the first complaint I know in my heart of hearts I am the only person who can fix up the majority of my problems. How is it though, that while it seems like I spend 100% of my time trying to work on these areas, I seem to end up 100% worse off? Surely my maths cant be that bad (dont I have enough problems!?!). As someone really clever called Einstein once pointed out, the first sign of madness is when you keep doing the same thing over and over but expect different results…. Eh hello Madhouse, room for one more?

Fear not, dear readers, this blog will not be one of self pity, woe is me, get your kleenex (or shotgun) ready.. Im going to jump back on my positive high horse and take on the world from a different angle.

You might be as surprised as I am how many other doors that open when one is banged forcefully in ones face 🙂


Lets start with the Now

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